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Cowboy Round Up

To kick off the new school year and welcome the incoming freshmen, Canyon ASB organizes an all day orientation to showcase the school. Upon arrival, freshmen are given name tags and play icebreakers in the gym to learn more about each other. Freshmen are welcomed by the ASB President and listen to speeches/testimonies from different Canyon students. Following the introduction, students are placed in groups and stay with those groups the entire day. Running through obstacle courses and playing football across the field, the freshmen of Canyon High are able to feel comfortable around each other and the school. It’s also a great way to meet new friends.​

Color Day

Color Day is a one-day-only event where each grade spends pretty much the whole week preparing for. The purpose for Color Day is pretty much for School Spirit. Given that [South Pasadena High School] colors are black and orange (because we’re the tigers), each grade is on an even playing field where they are challenge to exude the craziest, most wacky and spirited costumes. In preparation for this traditional celebration, each class also creates a gigantic poster to hang in the gym to show their class spirit. The morning of Color Day, a hour-long assembly is held where the classes compete for Spirit Awards for best cheer, poster, and, of course, costume! It’s a “tiger-ific” fall time event, usually in October before homecoming.

Theme Week

In order to raise awareness on a certain issue, Redwood’s ASB will host “theme weeks”. Sustainability week, for instance, would describe ways students can be environmentally friendly. These weeks will consist of lunch time activities. For instance, Redwood ASB would invite environmental volunteer organizations to set up booths during lunch to attract student volunteers. In addition, there would be workshops throughout the day that teachers can sign up their students to participate in . Traditionally, the ASB finds the workshop speakers from local or even national organizations. These weeks are a great way to educate students on an issue and are warmly received by students.


At Santa Teresa High, this is a homecoming best practice where, the teams are the classes so Freshmen vs. Sophomores vs. Juniors vs. Seniors. There is one overall theme for Fantastiks this theme is decided usually by the administration. Each class gets a section of that theme. For example last year our over all theme was super Villains, seniors got The Joker, Juniors: Green Goblin, Sophomores: Dr. Doom, & Freshmen: Cinestro. After everyone has they’re theme it’s up to the class officers to design a skit complete with voice overs, music, props, all that good stuff, they also need to order shirts for the participating class members (of course the shirts are theme related) in addition to having a skit they also need to have a pyramid design, and a list of game participants. On the night of Fantastiks everyone performs there skits for the school and three to four judges, which are past students and teachers. Then, there is a set time for pyramids, which are also judged and after a series of roughly four games are played at the end, all the points are tallied up and the winner is announced.

Core Olympics

Core Olympics is an event that Windsor High School started last year. It takes student groups on campus and puts them against each other to win the honor of being the olympic champions. The games take place during lunch breaks during a two week period. The Windsor High School ASB usually tries to pick games that are not only fun to play, but also fun to watch. Last year games included an egg toss, a pie-eating contest, musical chairs and more. Depending on how a student group did, they would get points for each event. It was really great to see students get so excited. The trophies were presented to the winners at the end of the two week period during Windsor High School’s Homecoming Rally. This kind of an event does not need to cost a ton of money, however, there can be a lot of work involved. That being said, Core Olympics was a success at Windsor. Perhaps, it could be a success at your school, too!

Dodgeball Inferno

This game takes place on a Friday night, usually a few hours after school, until late at night. In Dodgeball Inferno, all students get to form teams of up to ten and compete in a dodgeball tournament. Teachers usually make their own teams and compete as well. All the teams play dodgeball in a tournament style until one team wins and is declared the Champion. This was formerly an only-senior activity at Granada Hills Charter. Schools can choose to charge an entrance fee or not too.

Color Wars

At Beverly Hills High, this is a week long event that takes place during and after school. Each grade will be assigned a different color, (ex: Freshman are green) and for the week of color wars, each grade will wear their class color. During school, you can have lunchtime events, such as dodgeball or tug of war. Have the lunch time events in a central area where most students typically go. For afterschool events, it all varies with games from limbo to pushball to sumo wrestling. Be creative. Each class is also assigned a hallway in the school, where they can deck it out with their color. ASB is also encouraged to design and purchase t-shirts for their grades. Its a great springtime event.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is organized in order to warn staff and students about the dangers of using drugs through the distributing of ribbons, shirts, specialized pens, stickers, etc. advertising the negative effects of drug use. These materials are usually purchased and distributed by Student Government.​

Project Chicken Soup

This is a week-long project dedicated to iproving self-esteem, building character, and healing the soul. Such a project can be undertaken during a time of the year when enthusiasm seemed to run low and senioritis was at an all-time high.​

This Is Your Day

Every Friday after morning announcements at Bonita Vista High, four students and a teacher are chosen to be celebrated. During the day, they receive special gifts such as candy from the ASB. This is done to stimulate pride within the school and to make individuals feel special.

Gym Jam

Prior to the beginning of school at Harker, activity directors hold an event called “Gym Jam” to which all students, who have ever run for class office, and incoming freshman, who have indicated an interest in leadership, are invited. Students spend the night in the gym together and brainstorm spirit events, participate in team building activities, plan activities for the coming year, and bond.

Project Involvement

This is a way for students to become more actively involved in their student body, through the advertising of various events and programs that are available as extra curricular activities. In addition, the school can use this as a way to advertise opportunities within Student Government and Athletic Sports Teams. It is a way of delegating leadership roles to individuals outside of the class officers so help put on various activities throughout the year and to promote a healthy positive school curriculum. At Chula Vista it works!

Senior Buddies

The senior buddy program is designed to make the freshmen and sophomore transition from junior high to high school a little easier. A collection of volunteers from the senior class are preset at orientation to meet their freshmen or sophomore group and take them on tours of the campus as well as provide background on the school’s culture as well as what high school life is like in general. It is helpful to make T-Shirts for senior buddies so that they can be easily spotted by a stray freshman or sophomore at orientation.​

Class Team Building Trips

On the first day of school at Harker, each class is given a special orientation in which all incoming class members can become better acquainted with each other or to spend more time with each other after the summer break. Various activities can be set up such as group community service, rope courses, a regatta trip, or sailing. For freshmen, this is a way for them to become better acquainted with their class as well as the school in which they are going to attend for the next four years.

Student Leadership Conference

This is a conference which teaches leadership skills to the student body as well as students from other schools. The conference is a chance for students with leadership experience to share their skills with others. Generally a theme for the conference will be chosen such as G.O M.A.D (Go Out and Make A Difference), S.T.A.R.T (Students Taking Action and Responsibility Today), L.E.A.D (Leaders Embracing a Dream), and F.L.Y (Finding Leadership in Yourself). Within the conference itself, workshops will be set up and run by individuals who have experience in the workshop subject or have shown remarkable leadership abilities. To kick of the start of the conference it is extremely useful if an inspiration speaker presents at the conference to focus the students on the purpose of the conference. When closing the event, it is a good idea to have food and music provided for the attendees as a simple thank you of their participation and hard work. Additionally this is an opportunity for all the students to share what the learned with each other.​

Club Council

A council of students comprised of the club and class presidents as well as ASB, in order to maintain communication between the ASB and the clubs on campus. Within the Club Council, there are positions such as President, Vice President of the Club Council who also serve as the Commission and Commissioner of Club Liaison.​

Alumni Tea

Prior to Homecoming Rally, a tea party is held for returning alumni to get together and reminisce about the past. Coffee, tea, and other concessions will be provided by ASB.​

Making Change Survey

Often students find it difficult to make a difference on their school campuses, even if they are in ASB or hold a student leadership position. Use this School Improvement Survey to formulate data that you can present to your administration in order to make change! Follow the instructions and begin. The best way to administer this survey is through student government, but other youth leadership programs on campus can distribute as well. Make sure to check for permission with administration, and providing transparency in the process is ideal for gaining trust and building a good relationship with your Principal and Vice Principal.



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